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* UPDATE for Amazon Firestick
and the UK TV App
Step 1 - Install the Downloader App on your Firestick -
       Step 2 - When you get to the "Download/Install APKs on FireStick with Direct URL" section in the above instructioins you will want to
                    enter this file URL to donwload the UK TV App (Not the Kodi App on that page becasue that is a different program)
       * How to navigate the App using the Firestick Remote;
             When first launched you can ignore the Google Play services message so just click Ok
             Now, when on the home screen there is No selection indication but just navigate down a few times with the remote then up 2 times then select the
             go/circle button on the remote to get to the channel listing then go left then up/down to select the channel you want to watch
             When in the channel, go up a few times to highlight the Share logo top right then go left once then push the go/circle button on the remote to make it full
             screen then use the back arrow on the remote to go back to the channel selections then up/down to select one then click Play and all channels with stay
             full screen at this point. Click HERE for example video

* UK TV Now Available for Android phone click here - UK TV - Apps on Google Play (includes the UK channels below plus ITV-BBC) $2.99 CAD
        New QR Code for Google Play Store. Scan with Camera;

Roku Channels below

*Note - The Roku Channel Store is weird sometimes, if you click on a link below, it may bring you to a different channel.
             Please make sure the correct channel name displays at the store when you arrive, if it doesn't, click on the link again
             or just search for the channel name in the store.

    United Kingdom Channels

    Channel Store names below;
    RUK -
    UK Entertainment -
    The UK Leisure Channel  -
    * The 3 channels have the same content but UK Entertainment may not work on accounts created after 2019
    Cost: $1.99 monthly subscription
    Current channel listing;

    Film4, E4, Dave, CBS Drama, 5 Star, Drama, Challenge, Channel 4, Channel 5, Horror,
    CBS Action, Really,
Yesterday, Food Network, CBeeBies, More4, Pick TV, Sky News, CBS Reality, CBS Reality
     HGTV, Great! Moveis, Great! Movies Action, Great! Movies Classic.
    Value for the whole Family. TV Guide: or
    *Channel selection and availability not guaranteed.

     Canada Channels

    Channel Store names below;
    The Original and Best one Online again:
    CanadaTV -
    *Note: There is no space between Canada and TV, the one called Canada (space) TV is a crappy knock off with a crappy list of channels.
    The Canada Leisure Channel
    RCA -
    * The 3 channels have the same content
    Cost: $1.99 Monthy Subscription
    Current channel listing;

    English - History, TVO/TVO Kids, CHCH, HGTV, Teletoon, CBC, YesTV, The Shopping Channel(Toronto),
    CityTV, Food Network, CTV
, CTV Sci-FI (Space), CTV Comedy, A&E, OMNI 1, Nashville Country TV, Amazing Discoveries, Toronto 360, NTV Newfoundland, Canada Star, QVTV, 5AAB, Canada One
    French - TVA, ICI Tele, ICI RDI, Canal Savoir, Tele Quebec, Noovo, TV5, V, Assemblee Nationale

    Value for the whole Family. TV Guide:
    *Channel selection and availability not guaranteed.

    The Relaxation Channel -
    Relax -
    * The 2 channels have the same content but Relax may not work on accounts created after 2019
    Cost: $0.99 Monthy Subscription
    This channel is directed too but not only, people that suffer from Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, etc. that need to de-stress and help sleep at night
     or just want a peaceful evening by the fire or beach :) with Relaxation, Meditation, Nature sounds, Spa type relaxation music, Soothing Sounds & Music,
    Birds, Thunder and Rain, etc. which I hope will provide you Tranquility, Balance, Brain healing, Zen and Calmness to our busy lives.

    Requests always Welcome

    Channel currently includes videos as below;
   Campfire, Beach, Waterfall, Rain forest, Fireplace, Aquarium, Thunder storm, Jungle, Rain, Zen - Spa

Any issues, please contact